Basketball Officials Camps: FAQs

Many of you have asked about basketball officials camps.
The following are some of the questions with our responses:

Are camps only for officials who want to move into college officiating?

No. In the old days that might have been true; however, now my camps, as well as most other camps, are designed to make you better on the court at any level--taking you where you are, and improving your skills.

When should I attend my first officiating camp?

My camps started in 1992. Over the years I have had officials with zero experience to others with over twenty years of experience. I think the best time to go to your first camp is after one or two years of high school experience, as opposed to only NJB-type officiating experience.

What will I learn from a camp?

My camp, and most others, will start with the basics--things you need to know to get started. We begin by discussing the mechanics and locations on the court that will give you the best chance to get the play correct. We will then discuss the philosophy of game management, as well as common sense decision-making. Handling coaches, communication with your partners, and working with score table personnel are vital to good officiating, and will be discussed in depth. I have had over 1600 campers since 1992, and each and every one of them became a better official after attending my camp.

Do I have to stay at the camp location all day, or can I just work my games and leave?

We have things going on all day, so I strongly encourage campers to stay around and listen to what game evaluators are telling other officials. We will also have guest speakers throughout each day. We have food and good camaraderie going on from 9AM to 9PM. Plan on staying around. You will learn and you will enjoy.

Will my High School rating change if I go to a camp?

First, you will come out of camp a better official. I can not change your rating, but I will contact your HS assignor with the staff's evaluation of your performance.

First time two former campers officiated an NBA game together!