Day of Game Basketball Officials Camps Staff:

Rich Kollen

Rich is the Director of Day of Game Basketball Officials Camps. Rich has a unique distinction of being a Division I Basketball and Football Official for over 29 years. He wrapped up a great basketball career by working the 2012 Big West Tournament and he continues to work football as a replay official. Throughout his career, he worked five CIF Basketball finals, the NCAA Division II National Championship game, two NIT basketball tournament games, and the NAIA National Tournament. In addition, Rich has officiated seven NCAA Football Bowl games. Currently, Rich is the Coordinator of Basketball Officials for the Orange Empire and South Coast Basketball Conferences.

Daryl Gelinas

Daryl is the Day of Game Camps Lead Instructor and has been a college basketball official since 1997. He just completed a season in which he worked the conference tournaments for the Big West (semifinals) and WCC. Daryl, who worked the PAC-12 Tournament in 2013, was also selected to work the post season NIT the last two years and Game 1 of the CBI Tournament Finals in 2014. Daryl has refereed multiple GSAC and SCIAC Conference Finals, as well as the CIF Southern Section Finals (‘99, ‘01, ‘02 and ’03) and had a run of five straight State JC Finals, including the Championship games in 2008 and 2009. Daryl was the long-time Instructional Chairman of the Orange County Association and has been Co-Coordinator of the Day of Game camps since 2002.

Kevin Smith

Kevin works Div I basketball in the Big West Conference. He is also officiates Div. II, Div. III, NAIA, and community colleges. Kevin was chosen to work the JC State Championship Tournament in 2007, and officiated three CIF Finals and a State Final during his high school career. Kevin, who coordinates the game assignments, has been Co-Coordinator of the Day of Game camp since 2002.

Tom Nally

Tom moved to the west coast in 2005 and has worked his way up the officiating ladder.  Tom officiates in the Pac-12, West Coast and Big West Conferences. Tom has worked two CIF State Finals and the NCAA Division III tournament.  Tom coordinates the game observers for Day of Game Camps and offers much input to campers..

Cameron Gelinas

Cameron Gelinas has been officiating college basketball since 2014. He just completed his first season working Division 2 in PacWest conference. At the High School level he has officiated the CIF SS playoffs for 3 straight seasons. He has been to every DayofGame camp for the last ten years.

Justin Van Duyne

Justin just finished his 4th year working in the NBA. Justin also worked in 5 Div 1 Conferences (Pac-12, Big West, Mountain West, WAC, WCC). He previously worked post season assignments in the NIT as well as the Pac-12 and Big West Conference tournaments including the Big West semifinals. Justin got his start in small college by attending Day of Game camps and worked his way through every level of small college basketball in Southern California.

David Dangleis

David has officiated college basketball at the Div. I (Big West, WCC), Div. II (CCAA), Div. III (SCIAC), NAIA (GSAC), and community college (FAC, OEC, SCC) levels. He stepped off the court in 2012 and moved into a supervisor role, assigning college games for the PacWest, GSAC, and SCIAC. David has served as a Day of Game staff member since 1997.

Bill McCabe

Bill was a Pac-10 basketball official for 17 years and he also officiated in the WCC, WAC and Big West conferences. He served as a Pac-10 Observer for 10 years prior to becoming the Coordinator of Men’s Basketball Officials in the conference in 2006. Bill stepped down from that post in the Pac-12 in June of 2012. Bill also was a major college football official (31 years), who worked 17 bowl games (Rose, Cotton, Citrus, Gator) and served as a crew chief in the Arena Football League. He was an NFL Replay Official for five years and on Sundays he assists Mike Pereira at the FOX NFL Studios.

Marc Terrazas

Marc was a Division I official in the Big West for 14 years. He has worked many postseason assignments including the NCAA Division III Final Four, Community College Tournament, NIT and NAIA Regional and National Tournament. Marc helps identify & schedule officials for the SCIAC JV College Program.

JT Orr

JT Orr was the first DayofGame camper to be hired by the NBA. After a great major college officiating career JT was hired by the NBA in 2011.

Enrique Arroyo

Enrique works all levels of women’s college basketball: JC, Division III, CCAA, NAIA & Division I (West Coast Conference). As a member of the South Bay Unit, he officiated high school basketball from 1993 to 2006. He was appointed the Unit’s Instructional Chairperson in 2006. Post season assignments include: 2005 CIF-State Southern California Boy’s Regional Final, and CIF – Southern Section Boys’ Finals in 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Anders Anderson

Anders has over 20 years of experience in officiating. He has been a staple in the post season of the GSAC, SCIAC and JC over the years. Anders worked the GSAC semifinals in 2012, advanced deep in the JC playoffs and has numerous CIF postseason games under his belt. Anders served as the Instructional Chair for the Long Beach Unit this year.

Juan Corral

Juan has been working college basketball since 2007 in the Pac-12, WCC, Big Sky and Big West. Juan also works the CCAA (Division II), Pac West (Division II), SCIAC (Division III), GSAC (NAIA) and numerous JC conferences.

Jerry White

Jerry was a basketball official in the PAC 10 for over thirty years. Jerry currently is an observer in the Pac 12 and attends all Lakers’ home games evaluating officials for the NBA. After his retirement as Athletic Director at Oxnard College, he became the Commissioner of the Western States Conference.


Earnest Kelley III

Earnest has been officiating college basketball since 1997. He is in the Big West Conference, CCAA, Pac West (Division II), the SCIAC in Division III and multiple junior college conferences. Earnest is a mainstay in the postseason and has worked deep into the Division II NCAA Tournament the last few years.

Bill Mallory

Bill was selected to work the NAIA National Tournament in 2012. He worked as a Division I official for 20 years. He has worked post-season assignments in the NIT Tournament and the Division II National Championship game. He was a star player at L.A. State University, where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


AV Cervantes

AV has been officiating women’s basketball since 2000. She got her start in the Foothill Citrus High School Unit and has stayed involved as a member of the instructional staff. AV is also a former Day of Game camper who was given an opportunity to work the CCCAA, SCIAC and the GSAC. AV loves giving back and helping others develop as officials.

Steve Espinoza

Steve has worked Division I basketball sine 2000. He is a staff member of the Big West. Steve was selected to work the Division II Regional Finals in 2011-12. He also works NAIA (GSAC), Division III (SCIAC) and Junior College.

Kenny Nash

Kenny has been a Division I women’s official since 2007. Currently, he works in the Pac-12, Mountain West and West Coast Conferences. He also spent time in the WAC and the Big West, so he has worked every major conference on the west coast. Kenny, who worked the 2014 WCC Tournament and the 2013 Pac-12 Tournament, fills out his college schedule with games in the CCAA, GSAC and SCIAC.

Brian Woods

Brian is a two-time NCAA Women’s Tournament Official (2013 and 2014). He has also worked the last four Women’s NIT Tournaments; the last three NCAA Division II Tournaments and CCAA Regionals.  He also worked the last two West Coast Conference Tournaments. Brian works in the Pac-12, Big West, Mountain West and the Pac West. He also worked back-to-back high school state finals in 2009 and 2010.

Victor Dunomes

Victor is a Division I women’s official. A post season regular, Victor has worked multiple JC Tournament assignments, as well as CIF finals on both the men’s and women’s side. Victor served as the Instructional Chair for the Long Beach Unit, where he has been a member for over 20 years.

John Butler

John Butler has 3 years of officiating experience. He currently works NCAA Division 2 and 3, NAIA and Community College basketball. John was recently hired in the NBA Development League and is also a member of the Orange County Basketball Officials Association. John was selected in 2013-2014 to work the Semi-Finals of the Pac West Conference Tournament (NCAA Division 2) as well as the stand by official for the 2014 Pac West Conference Tournament Championship game.

Martin Cichocki

Martin (Chee-Huskee) has been officiating for 20 years, beginning in the Inland Empire Association. He has worked the CIF State Championship, CIF Regional Finals, GSAC Semifinals & the California JC State Semifinals. Currently, Martin works the Big West, the Big Sky, SCIAC, GSAC, Pac West and Junior College. He has also worked in the CBA. Martin is passionate about health and fitness and works with many officials to improve the nutritional aspects of their lives.


Jeremy Dente

Jeremy has worked Men’s Division I basketball since 2002 in the Big West Conference. He has also worked Division II (CCAA and PacWest) JC level (including 2 State Championships).

Esther Hsu

Esther is a Division I Women’s official who works in the Big West, the Mountain West and the WAC. She also works Division II, Division III, NAIA and Junior College. Esther is a Day of Game Camp alum.

Travis Schatzman

Travis officiates in the NCAA Division I Big Sky Conference and West Coast Conference, NCAA Division II PacWest and CCAA; NAIA GSAC, CalPac; NCAA Division III SCIAC, Pacific 8; CCCAA SCC,OREM, WSC, Foothill, PCAC, SACO.

He is the instructional chairman for the Orange County Unit in the California Basketball Officials Association

Andy Cohn

Amanda Webber

Amanda has been officiating for six years.  She currently works Junior College in the Orange Empire Conference, South Coast Conference, Pacific Coast Athletic Conference, and the Western States Conference.  She also officiates in the Orange County Basketball Officials Association, where she has worked CIF-SS finals consecutive years (2016, 2017) as well as the CIF State Tournament.  Amanda is a Day of Game camp alum.

John Reed

John Reed was hired as an NCAA official at the beginning of 2010-2011 season (CCAA conference), Officiated 17 straight years of CIF playoffs (San Diego and Orange County) (4) CIF Finals, Officiated CIF STATE Semi-finals finals 7 times, CIF Reginal Finals - (2) times, Officiated CIF State Finals (1) 2019. He was selected to work GSAC Conference Quarter Finals - 2022, SCIAC Conference Semi-Finals - 2023, CCAA Quarter Finals - 2023, CCCAA Men’s Junior College Playoffs, 2012-2023 season, and officiated CCCAA Regional Finals 2022 and 2023